Candles (Orange) by Sheelaa M Bajaj

Candles (Orange)

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Orange symbolizes fire, so you probably already know what the color candles represent – success and good fortune among others.

These color candles are a blend of red that represents action and energy and yellow that represents mental agility, so with orange candles, you get the best of worlds. Orange solar energy stimulates energy, and builds stamina and vitality and can assist with spells that are geared towards attracting other people in a positive way, business and career success.

It is a fairly assertive and outgoing shade and helps keep you energized overall. Further, it helps enhance a jolly appearance and can even aid in sexual stimulation, sex magic, changing luck and friendship. Orange color candles are generally burned when you desire to cleanse negative attitudes, for emotional healing and to achieve joy whether in your personal life or business.

You should use orange candles when you are looking to achieve certain goals, trying to attract enthusiasm and to cure doubt, fear or worry. Orange colors and lighting orange candles add an overall positive attitude to your life also known as the “kiss of life” and is a sign of an aggressive move. Orange is infused with male energies, and orange candles are also used in sacral and root chakras and can be used in combination with carnelian, agate, amber or coral.

How to Use:

Burning orange candles are to be done just like traditional candles, where you fire up the top of the wick and then let the candle gradually melt itself away. However, there a few safety precautions you must take when burning orange candles such as burning them in open and preferably slightly airy areas and using a non-flammable base to collect the wax. Further, and most importantly you should never leave the candles unattended such as leaving your home when they are lit.

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