Candles (Green) by Sheelaa M Bajaj

Candles (Green)

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Candles are available in several different colors, where each represents something different.

In the case of green candles, they help tackle issues related to renewal, nature, fertility, growth, beginnings, rejuvenation, harmony and balance among others. Further, they also help with good health, good luck, good fortune, financial or material gain, earning increases and increasing earnings.

Green is regarded as the symbol of the Goddesses of her green earth, which is a belief that dates back a few age's when prosperity meant a bountiful harvest. The color green tends to stimulate all kinds of growth from your crops in your garden to the money in your purse or wallet, and the best time to light these candles is when you have the desire to meditate and reflect on a wide range of things.

Lighting green candles also work well for wealth building spells and bring in good vibes of self-fulfillment and self-love. For example, the color green is the color of money in the United States, which is probably why is a perfect choice for money-drawing spells. There are many things that are positively affected by green color such as career, business, and personal goals achievement and bringing good luck to your job.

When you burn green candles, you have the potential to achieve both success and happiness and add to this also influences affection. Green candles can also be burned while making love and during marriages to enhance love and affection and is also great when you feel emotionally unstable.

How to Use:

Green candles are just like any other type of candles, where they are burned at the top and then gradually melt away. But just like burning any type of candles, there are a few precautions you must take to ensure safety, most notably not leaving a burning candle while you are away.

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