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Road Opener salt

Road Opener salt

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The road opening formula now in a salt form.


Road Opener Salt

Want to open road to new opportunities and take yourself out of scenarios that made you stuck or blocked? Road opener salt is a powerful formula that's mix of handpicked herbs that helps to clear the obstacles away and invite the good luck in your life. If you are seeking love, better relationships, a blooming career or a totally new beginning, this salt can assist to achieve those objectives. 

How to Use

Take a handful of the salt and rub it on your legs.

Then take another handful and use it on your root chakra and all other chakras.

This salt is best when used all over the body.

We suggest using this salt along with the bmr salt to remove all kinds of malefic energies to block your path.

USE FOR 21 days or 40 days.



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