Bend Over Powder
Bend Over Powder

Bend Over Powder

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Bend Over Powder may sound like a strange name but is a renowned way to get your wishes across to people.

It can be used on just about anyone from your boss to controlling a recalcitrant lover or spouse. Adding to this, it is claimed to subjugate the will of competitors in business and sports, lovers, etc., in such a way that they will be more than happy to please you.

Our Bend Over Powder is inspired and created to a traditional recipe, making it one of the most authentic offerings in the market. It is earthy and sweet, and is infused with a proprietary blend of essential oils, organic herbs, resins and is formulated to provoke others to assert your will and sway them to do what you want them to. Some of the notable uses of Bend Over Powder include:

  • Establishing control over another person or party
  • Encouraging others to do your bidding
  • Influencing others to work in your favor.

How to Use:

Bend Over Powder can be used in several different ways, most notably:

  • Sprinkling it in the oil or shampoo
  • Blending it with massage paste
  • Transferring it to the other party via handshake
  • Adding some to a Bend Over Candle to enhance the experience
  • Mixing it with your pee and putting a drop in the insole of the other party

The most common way to use Bend Over Powder is by sprinkling some on your hand and then and either come in contact with the other party or place it on any items that they are likely to come in contact with such as clothes or pillows. You can also use both Bend Over Powder and matching oil on a candle before it is burned to assist with the magical task. Adding to this, you can also use it magical pouches, mojo bags, etc. so the possibilities are literally endless.


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