Candles (Purple) by Sheelaa M Bajaj

Candles (Purple)

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Purple color candles are in most cases used the accelerate physic abilities, help with mediation and bringing to life your visions, intuitions, Astra travel, wisdom, fortune telling, divination, and 3rd eye chakra among others.

When lit, purple candles are a great way to get connected with the spiritual world, to sort and enhance aspects such as financial affairs, remove curses, spiritual awakening and protection and business success.

Purple is considered the color of royalty and represents religious thought, judgment, industry, judgment and most notably the planet Jupiter. Adding to this, purple is also associated with a plethora of astrological signs such as Sagittarius, Pisces, Libra, Virgo and Gemini, old age and even the 7th crown chakra.

Purples candles are best used when you wish to focus on meditation and spiritual aspects of life, as well as enhancing your cosmic awareness or expanded consciousness. This is an excellent color candle to use if you want to achieve something on a fairly large scale and is also great when looking to expand things such as money, health, and love.

Purple candles are a protector of hidden knowledge and are a color of mystic, and people who have this color in their auras tend to be extremely aware and sensitive. Even though you can burn purple candles as and when you desire, the best time to burn them is on Mondays and Thursdays or on instances of the full moon.

How to Use:

There’s nothing different about burning purple candles as you would with any other color candles. You simply burn the wick up top and then place a non-flammable plate or dish below. Adding to this, you should not leave a candle unattended when burning and always light in fairly airy, open areas. Also, do not leave your house when a candle is burning inside as this may have dangerous consequences.

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