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Candles (Black)blessed

Candles (Black)blessed

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People believe that lighting candles bring a high level of joy into their lives, and yes this is true, but what about black candles? 

The practice of lighting candles dates back to ancient times, and this spiritual practice symbolizes the powerful light of faith. Candles are available in several different colors, where each has its own meaning and link to the angles above.

Angles are associated with light, which is why you may have noticed each guardian angle has a candle in their hand and as claimed rely on different colors of light rays. So, you need to burn the right colored candle to have your respective prayers answered by the right angel.

Our Black Candles help get rid of the negativity around you and only works when you intend for something good for you and others and not to cast spells or manipulate other’s free will.

Using a black candle for ill purposes will probably backfire on you as it will serve as witchcraft rather than a prayer. The goal of lighting black candles is to get rid of the negativity around you and also to have your prayers answered. Black candles are often used for negative purposes as well as satanic rituals, etc., but work best when used to serve as protection.

Black is claimed to be a powerful color in astrology and magic, because it influences patience, self control and endurance. Burning a black candle can be associated with formality, power, sophistication and in worse cases fear and evil. For example, people in some religions light black candles to mourn the death of a loved one and others to prepare for deep meditation and to focus on their thoughts.

How to Use:

Using a black candle is as easy as burning a traditional candle, but some say that you should not burn them when you’re alone. Always light candles in a safe spot and refrain from leaving a burning candle while you’re not at home. 

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