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Candles (Blue)blessed

Candles (Blue)blessed

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Colors play an important role in our lives, so do candles, which is why they can also be had in a spectrum of vivid colors. 

Each color, however, symbolizes a specific purpose and in the case of our Blue Candles, they mean several things including forgiveness, healing, inspiration, forgiveness, opening lines of communication, fidelity, and happiness among others.

Lighting blue candles also help attract and give peace given that the sky blue color emits the same meaning. Further, it is also one of the few colors that evokes purity when combined with white, which are just a few reasons why lighting blue candles can help you experience peace and remain in a state of consciousness.

And what’s more intriguing is that lighting blue candles tend to absorb bad vibes and transform them into good thoughts. Our Blue Candles when burned offer mystical powers that are related to tranquility and serenity, so you invoke the same in your home when you burn them.

They are perfect for lighting at any time of the day, but much better after you’ve got into an argument with a loved one such as your spouse or even your neighbor. Further, you can even light a blue candle when look to concentrate on something whether it be an office project or when studying for exams.

How to Use:

Our Blue Candles are made from premium quality wax and are to be burned just like any traditional candles. There are however a few precautions you should take when burning candles such as leaving then attended or leaving them on while you’re not home. As the candle is burning, you can either meditate or pray for your respective wishes of harmony. You can also light blue candles on days as indicated by your astrological sign for great results form your prayers and wishes. 

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