Candles (Lemon Yellow) by Sheelaa M Bajaj

Candles (Lemon Yellow)

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Yellow candles are used to represents many things including intellect, focus, concentration, brainpower, creativity, logic, mental strength, wisdom, and clarity among others.

Further, it tends to enhance self-esteem and personal power, optimistic outlook, and cheerfulness. Yellow candles can be used to symbolize the element of air and lighting one or many shows that desire complete control of your own mental powers.

You can also light yellow candles when you wish to get someone’s attention and to attract confidence, charm, and also for inspiration, knowledge, wisdom, clarity and mental strength. When you light yellow candles, you also stimulate personal power and self-esteem and promote an optimistic outlook.

Yellow candles are generally lit when looking to dominate the power of the mind, particularly in the areas of computers, literature, electronics, etc. and also enhances the ability to concentrate and helps retain memory. The yellow color is also deemed as the color for success, and have the ability to enhance concentration and improve your overall mind.

Even though they can encourage all types of activities, they work especially well for mental exercises. Further, the color yellow emits warm and compelling energy and yellow color candles are generally used in rituals where one wishes to seek another person’s approval whether in business or personal issues. You can also light yellow candles to build perennial relationships of several different types.

How to Use:

Yellow candles can be used just like all other color candles, where you lit the top wick and place a plate underneath to collect the burning wax. It is worth noting however that you should extra careful when burning anything in your house and leaving it unattended. Make sure you light the yellow candles for your respective thoughts and rituals and then put it off when done. This will also help you preserve the unused yellow candles for another day and use them efficiently.

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