Candles (Yellow) by Sheelaa M Bajaj

Candles (Yellow)

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Yellow candles are unique in their own right from other color candles in that they are used to symbolize concentration, focus, brainpower, creativity, intellect and also enhance memory and visualization. You can also light yellow candles for other things such as to boost confidence, for inspiration, attractiveness, persuasion, clarity, knowledge, mental strength and communication.

Yellow candles not only promote an optimistic outlook and overall cheerfulness just like the yellow smiley but also can be used to stimulate self-esteem and personal power. Yellow candles are also often used to invoke the element of air, where many people claim that it helps them gain firsthand access to the wisdom of the ages and gain complete control over their own mental powers.

Speaking of mental benefits, yellow candles can also be lit during exams, before heading to a job interview, as its light helps gain the desired stability, endurance and stability and enhances one’s overall intelligence. The energy from yellow candles dominates the conscious side of the brain, hence helps with computers, audio, communication, video and enhances knowledge in these key areas.

In terms of spirituality, yellow candles can be lit along with other candles such as blue and purple, and even works miraculously when trying to break habits and overcome addictions. You can even use a yellow candle if you’re feeling depressed, helpless or lonely or if you wish to gain someone else’s confidence and approval.

How To Use?

Just like burning any other color candles, yellow candles are too burned with precautions to avoid any hazards. The first thing to do is to burn the candles in an open airy area and place them on the flat no flammable surface preferably a metal saucer or plate to collect the dripping wax. Adding to this, never leave the candles burning when attended or when you leave your house.

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