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Chamomile Powder

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Chamomile also pronounced camomile is basically a common name for a variety of daisy-like plants. These plants are then used to create herbal infusions for traditional medicine, which is where Chamomile powder comes handy. In case you’re wondering, the word Chamomile is made up of Latin and French from Greek, and this powder has been used ever since the 13th century.

Chamomile powder is used for a wide range of magical spells and rituals, mostly in their German and Roman varieties. It was associated with the Gods of the sun in Egypt and was used in the mummification process as well as for the treatment of many diseases, most notably malaria.

The healing properties of chamomile power do not just apply to humans, but also to plants, where sprinkling chamomile powder next to an ailing plant could very well greatly improve its health. Chamomile powder may have several other names such as scented mayweed, ground apple, may then and whig plant, so while the name may be different, it is the same product – Chamomile powder.

How To Use?

Chamomile powder is best used for purification and protection, and can even be used for meditation and sleep. You can even simply sprinkle around and in your home to prevent any physic or magical attack. You can even blend a tad bit with your tea or coffee for good luck in exams, before interviews or before hitting the gambling tables.

Chamomile is often considered as a magical flower, so sprinkling a very little bit over yourself can also help build good relationships with others or attract a lover. If you don’t like sprinkling the powder over yourself, you can simply take a bit, the place is a small airtight container and carry it around wherever you go to attract and send positive vibes.


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