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Dragon Miracle Face Serum Oil

Dragon Miracle Face Serum Oil

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The Dragon Miracle Face Serum Oil is a versatile liquid that can be used for several different things, mostly beneficial towards your skin.

It is derived from the Croton lechleri tree found in South America and is a pronounced red in color in its raw form. It is infused with natural properties, and works miraculously when combined with skin formulations, and is effective in solving a wide range of skincare issues.

Dragon Miracle Face Serum Oil has been regarded as a healing substance for centuries, and our serum oil created from it is nothing short of remarkable. Some of the noteworthy benefits of Dragon Miracle Face Serum Oil include improving the skin barrier function and serving as a second skin, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging and repair, skin firming, where it enhances the elasticity of your skin and improves the appearance of sagging skin, skin-plumping, helps in preventing skin dehydration and anti-inflammatory properties.

How to Use

First thing to note when using Dragon Miracle Face Serum Oil is that it may provide you with a mask like feeling, which is the second skin we were referring to earlier aka the protective barrier. Even though you can use this serum oil at any time you wish, it renders the most effective results when used at night, which is when your body and skin are rejuvenating.

One of the common ways Dragon Miracle Face Serum Oil is used is by first cleansing and toning you skin with your preferred solution. After that, you can apply the serum oil as the standalone night treatment. It works well for a wide range of skin types including acne prone, sensitive and reactive skin types. However, it is a good idea to do a patch test to ensure that there are no reactions before applying on your face.


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