FengShui Pakua Convex Mirror Design 2 by Sheelaa M Bajaj

FengShui Pakua Convex Mirror Design 2

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Feng Shui Pakua Convex Mirror Design 2

When you use your Feng Shui Mirror properly, you will be helping the universe help you attract and create wealth and prosperity. This mirror is designed to absorb or reflect negative energies, which makes its more powerful transmitters of energy, so it must be used with caution.

Given the Feng Shui mirror features a bowl-like shape, it gathers energy and then absorbs negative energy passively without allows the negative energies to exit. It must always be used outside your home or office, and should never be placed inside the home. This is because when it placed on the outdoors, it keeps the disruptive energy away.

If your home or office faces a cell phone tower, mountain or rocky cliff or even another building, then you should place the Feng Shui mirror to the side of your door or window. This placement will help neutralize the sharp energy coming your way.

How To Use?

As mentioned earlier, the Feng Shui mirror must be placed on the exterior of your home or office. If your front door faces a long corridor or staircase or anything that looks sharp, then place the mirror to the side or outside of the door or window. And if you notice any other obstacle, then set the mirror by an outlet such as a door to prevent possible bad vibes to flow your way.

One thing worth noting is that the Feng Shui mirror should never be placed on the floor such as when you’re cleaning it or rearranging the area. You should wipe it down with a clean damp cloth often since it will gather more dust as it is placed outdoors in order for it to gather the deflect energy. When installing the mirror, make sure it is secure in place and won’t fall off even under high winds.


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