Feng Shui Dragon by Sheelaa M Bajaj

Feng Shui Dragon

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Feng Shui Dragon also is known as the Chinese Dragon, the Feng Chui Dragon is a powerful traditional Feng Chui cure and symbolizes strong male energy.

It can be used both in the home and office and has the potential to attract nourishment and support to most areas. The Feng Chui Dragon is not to be confused with the winged, evil and five breathing reptiles of Western Lore but is, in fact, a beneficent, playful and exuberant that lives on land as well as water and air.

The Feng Chui dragon is often associated with water and spring rains, and represent strength, life, fertility, prosperity in abundance. Even though the Feng Chui dragon does not have wings, it is able to float through the air. Some Feng Chui dragons are depicted by a crystal or pearl in their claws, which in essence symbolizes power, wealth and opportunity.

How to Use

When the Feng Chui dragon is used properly and respectfully, it can help provoke any of the aforementioned energies in your home or office. Speaking of which, there are a number of ways to determine the best location for the Feng Chui dragon, where you can start by making your choice based on your Feng Chui lucky directions, and place it directly facing it.

Generally, it is best to place the Feng Chui dragon in an open area, one that has good Chi flow. This is because dragons must be free and have the freedom to move about and fly. Adding to this, it is important that the dragon is not looking out the window or door, but is placed where it faces towards the room to attract an abundance of wealth and prosperity. A few areas that make great locations for the Feng Chui dragon are in your kitchen facing the sink or on the wall behind your desk or desk chair in your office.


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