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Firey Wall of Protection Herb

Firey Wall of Protection Herb

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The Fiery Wall of Protection Herb is designed to defect magical and ill spells directed towards you or your loved ones. Adding to this, it provides a strong shield against gossiping coworkers and jealous rivals whether in personal or business life. The Fiery Wall of Protection Herb is safe to use in that it is not intended to create harm, but rather only kelps those who’d like to keep their karma pure.

The Fiery Wall of Protection Herb is one of possibly hundreds of folkloric magic spells and is made up of only genuine herbs and essences and no synthetic fragrances. These ingredients may include sandalwood, rue, black snakeroot among others. Many people use Fiery Wall of Protection Herb on a regular basis, but you can use it as you wish when you want to banish negativity coming from another person.

It is also worth mentioning what the Fiery Wall of Protection Herb does not do, starting with the fact that it does not punish your enemy or ill-wishers, but only safeguards you and your loved ones from their spells. It is defensive magical technique and is only most effective when the other party is the instigator.

How To Use?

You can use the Fiery Wall of Protection Herb in several ways, and what your spell deems necessary. But the most common way to use it is by burning it and chanting your spell, and letting the aroma and smoke fill the room. Since it does contain potent properties including fragrances, it should be stored in an airtight bag at all times and preferably in a cool dry area. You can also sprinkle a few leaves around your home around entranceways to avoid bad vibes and ill thoughts form coming in.


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