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Get a Job Spray

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The Get a Job Spray works similarly as the get a Job Oil, only that it is easier to use owing to the fact that it can be taken with you and sprayed on the go. Get a Job Spray contrary to what the name may suggest isn’t just formulated to help you score a job but also helps in situations where good luck is needed such as during exams.

It is specially formulated with fragrance so it can be used along with your daily wear perfumes and deodorants. But it's worth noting that since the spray already has fragrance, it may not work as effectively when sprayed over other strong deodorants and perfumes.

The Get a Job Spray doesn’t work on its own, meaning it's only formulated to add good luck and not provide successful results without working hard for them. For example, it can be used when you’re prepared for the upcoming job interview for better results than if you’re attending a random job interview.

The Get a Job Spray is a specially formulated spray made by Sheelaa M Bajaj who is the best numerologist in Asia. 

How to Use?

The Get a Job Spray is easy to use and can be sprayed on your body or over top of the clothing the day of your interview or exam. It is a strong formulation, so you don’t necessarily have to use more for guaranteed results, but can use just one spray before heading out.

You can even spray it on your pillow the night before of the interview or anywhere you will come in contact with before heading out to a job interview. With regards to storage, it should be kept in a cold, dry area preferably where you store medicines. You can even keep it in the fridge for that cool effect the next day when you spray. You should keep it out of the reach of children just like any other formulated lotions and at all times.


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