Master Key Soap

Master Key Soap

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The Master Key Soap is a highly spiritual soap that serves as a great alternative to Master Key oil, and as such can be used in several different ways and for many different purposes. This soap consists of several different ingredients, most notably high-quality goat’s milk and olive oil, which collectively help it achieve a soft, enriching lather.

Adding to this, the Master of Key Soap also contains specific botanicals, minerals and a little bit of Holy Water. These ingredients collectively help it do a good job at spiritual cleansing or empowering. In terms of use, the Master Key Soap is used for several things, most notably to increase mastery and skill in all areas.

While the Master Key Soap itself is soft and luxurious, it can feel a bit scratchy at times owing mostly to its botanical content. However and on a brighter note, it doesn’t cause allergies and is suitable for use on most skin types. But if you do experience any reactions, consult your doctor immediately before using the soap further.

How To Use?

The Master Key Soap is to be used as you would with any other soap, where you start by wetting your body and gently rubbing the soap. Take note, that this soap has only spiritual properties and not anti-bacterial properties, so it will not work well to get rid of germs. You can, however, use your regular bath soap first to get rid of the germs and then use the soap before you finish your shower.

The Master Key Soap is also not to be used on a daily basis because first, it is expensive compared to regular soap and secondly doesn’t do what a regular soap does. You should use it when seeking good luck such as when heading out to a job interview or an exam. With regards to storage, keep it in closed soap container at all times to preserve its properties.


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