Prosperity Ritual
Prosperity Ritual by Sheelaa M Bajaj

Prosperity Ritual

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The Prosperity Ritual is just that – a ritual to attract prosperity in your life. The best way to perform this ritual with the leaves is on a Sunday, but of course, you can choose to do it on any day of the week your heart desires. This ritual is unlike most others, where you will need several days to complete it.

There is a power in such rituals of seven, eight or nine consecutive days, and this ritual makes use of the power of seven. You can also perform this ritual in front of a statue or leave some leaves in your home or office for good luck after performing the respective ritual.

How To Use?

The easiest way to perform a Prosperity Ritual is by first taking a few leaves out of the bag and then anointing a candle with oil. Then grab some incense and light the candle with the oil, and then you can start saying a prayer to this divine being to help you meet your goals.

Then you should meditate for about half an hour, and seek the prosperity you are looking for. The leaves, however you use them, should always be done in a dry state, meaning that you should never get them wet unless its with Holy Water or the likes. After you meditate and while the candle is still burning, you should place the leaves in front of it, and then continue on with your mantras.

In terms of storage, the Prosperity Ritual leaves must always be stored in a cool dry place, and always in an airtight bag. You can even keep them in the fridge or where you keep other medicinal items and away from the reach of children or those with allergies and this may affect their health.


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