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Sage is one of the many herbs offers myriad uses, hence it is often a must-have for most rituals. Smudging is another term used for the burning of sage, and as you may have heard is an ancient spiritual ritual. It is claimed to have originated from Native American cultural or tribal practice but is in most times not practiced by all groups.

Sage also offers a wide range of antimicrobial properties, where it has the potential to keep infectious viruses, bacteria, and fungi at bay. Adding to this, it has also been shown to repel, so burning a little and spreading the smoke around your house could be helpful if you live in insect ridden areas.

In traditional cultures that have a large following of laypeople and healers, sage is used to achieve a healing state or to reflect or solve spiritual problems. Research indicates that sage is also mildly psychoactive, and is found in many plants used in cultural spiritual rituals to enhance intuition.

How To Use?

Burning sage is a powerful ritual, and today people burn it to generate wisdom and clarity, cleanse a space or environment of negative energy or promote healing. The best time to burn sage is true whenever you want, but is best used when you’ve bought a new house or car and want to clear the previous owner’s energy and set your own intentions for space.

To burn sage, you will first have to take a few leaves and form a wand. Then light one end of the wand, and after a few seconds allow the flame to go out so that the tips of the dried leaves are smoldering slowly. If you want to increase the flow of smoke, you can blow at the end and fan the smolder.


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