Sent Back to Sender (I) by Sheelaa M Bajaj

Sent Back to Sender (I)

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Sent Back to Sender is a reverse ritual that is used to as you might have guessed to reverse the negative energies one may send towards you. These leaves are very powerful, and even though they aren’t usually used to ring in positive vibes, they can be used to attract good luck whether at home or in the office.

When used correctly, Sent Back to Sender leaves sends back bad vibrations back to their original source. These leaves are mostly used in conjunction with other things such as candles to enhance the effectiveness of returning negative spells. They should only be used if you are sure that a spell has been cast and if you are sure who has placed the spell.

To avoid guesswork, you should first determine if things are going terribly wrong in your life such as consistent failures in careers or business. If you are witnessing these mishaps regularly, then great chances are that someone has wished bad luck upon you. Now that you know for sure that a spell has been cast against you, you will have to determine who cast the spell.

How To Use?

To do this, you can start narrowing down the list on whether this may be a coworker or the likes or a business rival. Now you can use the Sent Back to Sender leaves to return the negative thoughts and wishes back to where they came from. The Sent Back to Sender leaves are generally burned during rituals and the smoke is spread across the room.

The smoke is also generally blown towards an open area such as an open door or window because you’re trying to get rid of the ill wishes and not attract them. These leaves should be stored in a cool dry area, preferably in a medicinal cabinet, and away from the reach of children.


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