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Candles (Red)

Candles (Red)

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Governed by Mars, Red is considered as a physical color that offers several things such as dynamism, strength, energy, passionate love, power of will, physical desire and competitive athletic abilities. Red also represents fire and using one or many can accelerate your career or your road to fame.

However, it is worth noting that lighting red candles when lit too frequently may cause discomfort so much so that it prevents you from relaxation. The use of red candles is very versatile, where they come handy for resolving relationships, anger, family problems, and can even boost courage and determination.

Red candles can also have negative consequences when used for ill means such as black magic including bloodsheds, accidents, hatred, violence, and other sudden attacks. Red candles are best lit on Tuesdays but can be on any days your heart desires, and at least twice for a week for best results.

How To Use?

Now that you’ve decided to use red candles, you need to carefully pick the location where you will light them. If you’re experiencing troubles in your life such as with regards to relationship problems, etc., it is best to light red candles in the southwest area of your home. You can even light red candles in the south area of your home whether east or west if when looking to achieve the success of glory.

But just like any color candles, you need to take necessary precautions to avoid any hazards. First thing is to light the red candles in an open area of your home or any areas that are airy. Further, do not light red candles and leave them burning when you step out of your house as this may result in a fire in worse cases. Always place a sauce or metal plate underneath the lit candles, which will collect the wax and prevent it from getting all over the place.

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