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Domination Oil

Domination Oil

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Domination oil is useful for those would you like to dominate in their work, profession, competition, interviews, review meetings, conferences, discussions, dealmaking, personal life and so on. Some may not be able to handle this newly found energy domination and might feel uncomfortable.

But if you would like to succeed in life one has to learn to be comfortable to dominate and get your point across, not necessarily be rude. Results from the user have been astonishing and they were surprised by the changes they got after using this oil and soap combination. Like proposals/requests which were pending of long got cleared immediately after the use of this combination.

How to Use?

  • It can be used on pulse points and 7 chakras
  • Apply it to palm and sole of feet
  • To apply at the top of the head
  • It can also be added to bath water
  • Add it to mop water
  • Use it as a diffuser
  • It can be added to lotion and handwash liquid


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