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Master Key Oil

Master Key Oil

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Master Key Oil is infused with herbs that are geared towards promoting all-round success in almost every aspect of your life. Adding to this, it helps you achieve your goals and get to a position where you wish to be. In essence, Master Key Oil is made especially for luck and success whether its magical workings, personal life issues, job, emotional and mental wellness among others.

Master Key Oil is regarded as the jewel of oils and places emphasis on psychic ability, magical conjuration, spell casting, spirit communication, mental sensitivity among others. It packs a whole lot of punch at rituals, occults, ceremonial functions, given its good fortune and luck ingredients.

Master Key Oil helps you in the goal to enhance each worker's spiritual forces, and triggers action on the external world and manifests your goals. Furthermore, the oil works miraculously to boost the attributes of a spell, candle or even other oils. In fact, one of the traditional methods of using this oil is along with the 23rd Psalm, while you pray for the desired outcome.

Use on the forehead, wrists, and throat to master in your field.

How To Use?

There are many different ways to use the Master Key Oil in spells and rootwork that will help activate the power of occultism and spiritual will. It can also be used as a bath oil, where you place a few small drops in a bathtub before hopping in. In addition, Master Key Oil can be used with candles for magic rites and rituals as an additive to oil-based furniture polishes, or to wear own your own body as a magical perfume. Once you use the oil, it is important that you store it in a cool dry place, preferably where you keep medicinal items and away from children.


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