Infinite Wisdom Soap

Infinite Wisdom Soap

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The Infinite Wisdom Soap is a proprietary formulation by Sheelaa M Bajaj and is designed to help you clear your thoughts and achieve the wisdom necessary to make clear decisions. The fact is that humans are unable to make clear and winning decisions when they are stressed and this is where the soap proves handy.

It helps you clear your mind from negative thoughts, so you can gain positive thoughts and feelings towards what you want to achieve, whether it’s a business decision or clearing an entrance exam. The Infinite Wisdom Soap only helps the person using and does not spread wisdom to those around you.

Infinite Wisdom Soap - Used in an ironic way to say that someone has made a foolish choice or decision he decided, in his infinite wisdom, that it would be better to sell the house than to keep it.

How To Use

The Infinite Wisdom Soap can be used just like any other soap, except that you don’t have rub and scrub your body with it given that it is not designed to kill germs. You can use it after you’ve used your regular bath soap or can even simply wash your face with it if you do not wish to apply it to your entire body.

The soap will have better effects when used the very same day as you need the extra wisdom such as on the day of your interview or business deal. In terms of storage, this is not regular bath soap hence should be stored separately and used by one single person only. It is not to be shared as selfish as it may sound, given that it helps provide wisdom to the person that uses it.

The Infinite Wisdom Soap can be used more than once daily, only if you have different purposes such as two job interviews. It doesn’t add more wisdom if you use it more than once a day for no apparent reason. This soap can be stored in a separate container and in normal room temperatures.


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