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Manifestation Oil

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Manifestation Oil helps you attract what you want to in life. It is also dubbed the oil of abundance and helps inspire good fortune. When used properly, it helps to release any fears that crop up as a result of fear, anxiety or perfectionism. This oil offers an interesting blend that helps you get a clear insight into what intentions and goals you want to set for the month ahead and the future.

Taking the time to really think about what you want to call into your life is the perfect activity do with a drop of this blend on your heart chakra or on a diffuser bracelet. It helps you clearly communicate with the universe, and allows you to connect honestly with the emotions and thoughts that you may be resisting.

As you begin to set expectations on the new moon and think about what you want to see and feel in the future, manifestation oil helps you expand your vision and think big. Any blocks you have dissipated will become open to all the possibilities.

How To Use?

The Get a Job Spray works similarly as the get a Job Oil, only that it is easier to use owing to the fact that it can be taken with you and sprayed on the go. Get a Job Spray contrary to what the name may suggest isn’t just formulated to help you score a job but also helps in situations where good luck is needed such as during exams.

It is specially formulated with fragrance so it can be used along with your daily wear perfumes and deodorants. But it's worth noting that since the spray already has fragrance, it may not work as effectively when sprayed over other strong deodorants and perfumes.

The Get a Job Spray doesn’t work on its own, meaning it's only formulated to add good luck and not provide successful results without working hard for them. For example, it can be used when you’re prepared for the upcoming job interview for better results than if you’re attending a random job interview.


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