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Mercury Retrograde Cleanse Oil

Mercury Retrograde Cleanse Oil

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Mercury Retrograde Cleanse Oil is designed to help you overcome and attract negative and positive forces that this planet has to offer. This magical aromatherapy oil was made on a Wednesday during the hour of Mercury, which allows it to reach your entire aura. It is infused with several key ingredients such as lemongrass, elemi, frankincense, lavender and is charged with black tourmaline.

Its job is basically to help calm and center the psychic, which in return provides better and deeper mental awareness. Adding to this, the Mercury Retrograde Cleanse Oil also helps calm the nervous system while easing stress and tension, which collectively help enhance inner peace and tranquility.

But that’s not all, the Mercury Retrograde Cleanse Oil also provides spiritual support and the ability to let go and let things take their course the way they were meant to. It also unfolds our inner mysteries in a jubilant yet unexpected way, which helps guide us on a path away from fear and anxiety and into hope and trust.

How To Use?

The Mercury Retrograde Cleanse Oil can be used in several different ways and in many rituals. You can use it alongside burning candles or can even put a few drops under your pillow before heading to bed. Since this is a highly potent oil, it is wise to use it in extremely small quantities.

You can even anoint yourself and others in order to bring good luck and to evade bad vibes by simply rubbing half a drop or so on the forehead. This oil should be stored in safe areas such as where you keep medicinal items and away from children. You can even store it in any cool dry area, but make sure it is completely sealed to prevent it from leaking.


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