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Multi-Colour Tree

Multi-Colour Tree

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Crystal Tree



The Crystal Tree will also have the most effect in the SouthWest sector, because it is of the Earth element.The wish tree has been a potent tool, used to summon better health, wealth, and family harmony. In modern days, a small Crystal Tree is displayed in homes and offices to signify  a steady profit and everlasting financial support.


Here are some Feng Shui tips on the placement of this good luck symbol:


1) To enhance educational luck, display a Feng Shui crystal Tree in the Northeast corner of the student’s bedroom.


2) Positioning a Crystal Tree in the Earth sector (Center) of the main family room is said to serve to improve harmony and bonds between family members. Multi-faceted crystals such as crystal chips is said to be able to break up and disperse negative energy in its surrounding to allow in fresher and newer Chi to enter and meander a premises.


3) To hone your study skills and create improved memory and attentiveness, placing this Feng Shui Wish-Fulfilling Crystal Tree on your work or study desk is believed to help.


4) According to Feng Shui Bagua 8 Life Aspiration formula, the Northwest sector is the sector of Mentor Luck; it is for this reason that displaying a Crystal tree in this corner is said to create money luck and support from influential icon in your work life. Mentor Luck, Nobleman Luck is the kind of luck that will bring you a good samaritan or someone kind and helpful who will give you a lending hand or a life-changing push during times of distress, trouble and difficulty; not necessarily in the form of money but also opportunities, wise advice, support, encouragement or simply be there to listen.



5) To increase luck in the areas of love and romance, family harmony, as well as the wellbeing of the family matriarch, display this Wish-fulfilling Crystal Tree in the Southwest sector of your bedroom or main family room.  It is believed to assist in facilitating closeness between spouses or rejuvenate a lagging relationship.

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